Hey all! First just to let you know my mom is doing much better! Thank you for all the nice words on her behalf. After that small bump in the writing I am back on track with Slade and man do I love that vamp! Hoping to have a release date soon and you will be the first to know….PROMISE!

Now for the contest…..

I am big on paying it forward. So for your choice of two signed paperback books I would love for you to check out two young and very talented guys, Tucker Hawkins and Sam Anderson. I will be able to see by their views going up, give them a LIKE and let me tell you this song ROCKS! So go listen and if you like what you hear share their link with your friends. Once you view all you have to do is come back here and let me know what you thought of the song. Who knows maybe one day they will write the soundtrack to the Protector Series books! 😉 I can see these two young men (Backpack Studios) going far!

Winner will be announced Thursday!