Yep…I’m still here! Been crazy with Adam’s release, vacation, working on Slade (loving that by the way) and unfortunately while on vacation my mom fell breaking her hip. And let me tell you that is not a phone call you want to get when you are 12 hours away. Well we packed up and drove straight through making it before her surgery. She is doing okay. She is in a wonderful rehab facility. She is a tough cookie and has got this!

So on to other news. I am going to be involved with a bundle with some awesome authors. I’m so darn excited. Damon will be featured, but don’t let that stop you from buying this because OMG the other authors are well you will see!

Have you ever looked at a cover to a book and think, “Man, I would have went with a different cover?” Come on we all have. Well now here is a awesome opportunity to pick the cover you want. They are all awesome, but only one can win. Finally your voice can be heard on what I believe is one of the most important parts of the writing process….and that’s HOT DROOL WORTHY COVERS! HA! Thanks guys!!!

Voting will continue all this week until Friday at 5 pm.


So if you wonderful friends will go and vote for one of the three covers, come back here and comment I will put up a $25.00 Amazon GC after the voting on the covers is completed. Sound like a plan?

Now back to Slade! Hope you all have a wonderful week and will see you Friday night to announce the winner. Let’s blow them away with participation in this vote shall we because my friends ROCK!!! Hugs!!!

Paranormal Romance with a Twist!!!